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A Jesuit’s Guide to the StarsBr. Guy Consolmagno SJDirector of the Vatican Astronomy Observatory

Jesuit spirituality is centered on “finding God in all things”. What better represents “all things” than the universe itself? Thus Jesuits have figured prominently in the history of astronomy. We find God in the stars, not in the sense that some horoscope might tell us God’s will, but in the joy we experience observing the sky. The mere existence of such beautiful stars is a very particular sort of “something” that drives Leibnitz’s famous query, “why is there something instead of nothing?” But not satisfied with simply enjoying the view, Jesuits want to engage the mind as well as the heart. Of course this means the mathematical and scientific study of the phenomena, but it is also in the subjects of history and philosophy, photography and poetry. And an essential trait of Jesuit astronomy is telling the world, from China to our high school classrooms, about what we have learned. 


Br. Guy Consolmagno SJ

Born in Detroit, Michigan, studied Planetary Science at MIT (SB, SM) and the University of Arizona (PhD), served in the US Peace Corps (Kenya), and taught university physics before entering the Jesuits in 1989. He joined the Vatican Observatory in 1993, doing research about meteorites, asteroids, and the evolution of small solar system bodies. He has published 250 scientific publications and several popular books. Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ is currently the Director of the Vatican Observatory. 


Conferences Eutopos

The search for a good place, or an eutopos, has been at the roots of Brotéria's activity over the last year. At Brotéria, we believe that this search has not yet been exhausted. On the contrary, there is still plenty of hidden good to show, many good unknown lives to reveal, many good transformative projects to share. We live in a rugged world, where progress is slow, but where good is built and where hope often does become visibly concrete.


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